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- Students completing a module in Japanese Language or Japanese Studies
We sought to maintain this category from the previous survey for the purposes of comparison, although, as previously mentioned, issues remain about the consistency of the data provided. Also it cannot be said that this category comprises the °∆total°« picture of student numbers for all Japan-related study in higher education because of the way numbers for more focused types of study, such as single or dual honours for example, were divided and counted into separate categories in the previous survey. We have sought to check the consistency of the course titles for the numbers provided this time with the figures from 2007 as much as possible, and therefore this category gives as good an indication as possible about the level of students taking a module in Japanese Language or Japanese Studies in a way that is additional to their core study.
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Clearly this graph shows a problem with comparing the results of this survey to the information provided in 2007 for the reasons mentioned in the introduction of different people filling in the survey according to different criteria and difficulty in obtaining responses. However, drawing on other information obtained by the Japan Foundation for a survey of Japanese Language teaching in 2009, it is possible to construct the following crude graph that indicates a steady increase in the number of students completing a Japan-related module.
It should be made clear that this °∆average°« level graph is not intending to suggest that typically the number of students per university is increasing; rather it is seeking to circumvent problems about the consistency of the data provided to the survey so as to give an indication of what the overall trend in student numbers might be.