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- Students Graduating on Titled Japanese Degree Courses
This includes Single Honours, Major, Minor, Joint, Dual or Combined Undergraduate Degree programmes relating to Japan or Japanese. It is also worth pointing out that since this is the number of students graduating in a given year, i.e. just one year out of three or four years, this figure will necessarily be of a different order to those in the first category. Again every effort has been made to ensure comparability with the data from 2007.
Unfortunately the problem with the consistency of data persists to some extent with this table, as exemplified by needing to try to ascertain an average figure for student numbers at Leeds University from the information provided about all students on each individual module, which obviously would have contained some double-counting when trying to establish numbers on courses as a whole. The leap in numbers between 2006 and 2007 is particularly significant at Newcastle University and Liverpool John Moores University, although consistent with their reports of the growth in popularity of Japanese Studies there, which of course is to be welcomed.
These graphs suggest a continued increase in the level of students graduating on titled Japanese Degree courses, with the creation of an °∆average°« level suggesting that the overall situation may have been healthier than indicated by the 2007 survey. Again, we are not trying to imply that the average size of courses has increased since 2007, rather trying to find a useful means to balance out inconsistencies in the data provided and the level of response to the survey.