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Survey Result
University Name
Sheffield Hallam University

Vice Chancellor

Professor Diana M Green

Faculty responsible for Japanese

Faculty of Organisation and Management, University Language Scheme

Head of Faculty Christine Booth
Persons responsible for Japanese

Ms Christine Gilligan-Kubo, Senior Lecturer in Japanese

E-mail: c.k.gilligan@shu.ac.uk
Tel: 0114 225 5258

Japanese first offered 1990 as an option
RAE Score 3B (SBF not languages)
External Examiner New examiner to be appointed for 2007/8
Courses offered Japanese is offered as part of the The University Language Scheme and is an accredited option only.
Entry Requirement n/a
Teacher/Student ratio 1:10 minimum
Address Stoddart Building
City Campus
Howard Street
Sheffield S1 1WB
Telephone 0114 225 5555 Fax 0114 225 4449 School E-mail address ominfo@shu.ac.uk Website http://www.shu.ac.uk/