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University Name
Anglia Ruskin University

Vice Chancellor Professor Michael Thorne
School responsible for Japanese Department of Languages and Intercultural Communication
(Anglia Language Programme)

Head of School Annie Morgan-James
Persons responsible for Japanese Mrs Sarah Schechter
Japanese first offered 1996
RAE Score n/a
TQA Score 21
External Examiner Tomie Ando (Wolverhampton)
Student Numbers In 2000/2001, 14 students completed Beginners 2. In 2001/2002 there are 14 students enrolled on Beginners 1.
Courses offered Foundation 1 and 2, as a credit bearing elective only. The course is offered to all students, staff and members of the public.
Entry Requirement n/a
Teacher/Student ratio n/a
Address Helmore Building
East Road
Telephone 01223 363271 Fax 01223 352973 School E-mail address answers@anglia.ac.uk Website http://www.anglia.ac.uk/