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University Name
University of Reading

Vice Chancellor

Professor Gordon Marshall

School responsible for Japanese

School of Languages and European Studies

Head of School

Professor George Hugo Tucker

Person responsible for Japanese Ms Akiko Furukawa, Lecturer in Japanese/ Head of Japanese Studies
Japanese first offered

1992 as an option

RAE Score n/a
TQA Score n/a
External Examiner

Dr Hiroko Takeda (University of Sheffield)

Student Numbers

In 2006/2007, 3 students are expected to graduate with a Japanese minor degree.
In 2006/2007, 4 students are taking a Japanese Minor and a total of 57 students are studying Japanese as a credit.

Courses offered

Japanese is offered as a minor component of various degree courses until 2007-2008, and as a credit bearing elective module (Level 1and Level 2, Level 3 from 2007-2008).

Entry Requirement

As specified by the student's home department.

Teacher/Student ratio 1: 3 for Japanese minor modules; 1: 13 for the Institution-Wide Language Programme
Address Whiteknights
P.O. Box 217
Berkshire RG6 6AH
Telephone 0118 987 51231 Fax 0191 222 5442 School E-mail address languages@reading.ac.uk

Website http://www.rdg.ac.uk/iwlp/