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University Name
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

Vice Chancellor

Professor Paul Webley

School responsible for Japanese

Faculty of Languages and Cultures

Head of School

Dr Jaehoon Yeon, Head of Department

Person responsible for Japanese

Dr Barbara Pizziconi, Lecturer in Japanese Applied Linguistics

Japanese first offered

1946 as a degree

RAE Score

4 (score for East Asia, South Asia and SE Asia combined)

TQA Score


External Examiner

Dr Helen Parker (University of Edinburgh)

Student Numbers In 2000/2001, 13 students graduated in Japanese (Single Honours), and four in Japanese Studies (Joint Honours). In 2001/2002, 142 students were studying BA Japanese (Single Honours) or BA Japanese (Joint Honours) degrees and a total of 169 students were studying accredited Japanese.
Courses offered

History of Art/Archaeology and Japanese
Japanese and Economics
Japanese and History
Japanese and Linguistics
Korean and Japanese
Management and Japanese
Music and Japanese
Politics and Japanese
Social Antropology and Japanese
Study of Religions and Japanese

Entry Requirement

ABC-BBB at A-Level. A foreign language at A level (or equivalent) is preferred.

Teacher/Student ratio

approximately 1:10

Address Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
Telephone 020 7898 4044 Fax 020 7898 4399 School E-mail address languagesandcultures
Website http://www.soas.ac.uk/