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University Name
Sheffield Hallam University

Vice Chancellor

Professor Diana M Green

Faculty responsible for Japanese

Faculty of Organisation and Management, University Language Scheme

Head of Faculty Christine Booth
Persons responsible for Japanese

Ms Christine Gilligan-Kubo, Senior Lecturer in Japanese

E-mail: c.k.gilligan@shu.ac.uk
Tel: 0114 225 5258

Japanese first offered 1990 as an option
RAE Score 3B (SBF not languages)
TQA Score 19 (SBF not languages)
External Examiner New examiner to be appointed for 2007/8
Student Numbers

In 2000/2001, 32 students were studying Japanese for credit.
In 2001/2002, 23 students were studying Japanese for credit
In 2006/7, 47 students are studying Japanese as a credit

Courses offered Japanese is offered as part of the The University Language Scheme and is an accredited option only.
Entry Requirement n/a
Teacher/Student ratio 1:10 minimum
Address Stoddart Building
City Campus
Howard Street
Sheffield S1 1WB
Telephone 0114 225 5555 Fax 0114 225 4449 School E-mail address ominfo@shu.ac.uk Website http://www.shu.ac.uk/