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University of Bath

Staff within the ESML who lecture/carry out research in Japanese Studies

Ms Yoshiko Shimizu
MA (Birmingham)

Subject Specialisation: English-Japanese Interpreting
(Course Director)

Ms Julia Tuff

Subject Specialisation: Japanese-English Interpreting
(Course Director)

Ms Lydia Morey

Subject Specialization: Japanese-English translation

Ms Hiromi Green

Subject specialization : English-Japanese translation

Mr Masaru Shimizu

Subject specialization :English-Japanese translation

Staff who lecture/carry out research in Japanese Studies but are not in the ESML

Prof G S Jackson (School of Management)
Dr N C Piercy (School of Management)

Library and Information Resources

The Modern Languages Librarian

Katy Jordan

Telephone: 01225 385613
Fax: 01225 386229
E-mail: K.M.Jordan@bath.ac.uk

Bath holds about 1,100 Japan-related books in various languages and it subscribes to the London edition of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper. The majority of the books in Japanese are dictionaries and are bought in Japan by the staff who run the interpreting and translation course; some are kept by them and some are bought by the library. Resources are catalogued on an in-house computerised system. Bath has reciprocal borrowing arrangements for staff and postgraduate researchers at the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England, Bristol . The Internet is used to access database hosts, website pages, e-mail, and as a major information source. In addition, Bath has Japanese satellite television; terminals with access to the Japanese Internet; and PCs with Japanese capability. In addition, a Self-Access Language Centre opened in early 2001. It includes a wide range of multi-media and printed materials. It is fully equipped for listening, viewing videos and DVDs and accessing foreign language radio and TV programmes via satellite. There are a number of multi-media computers with reference and language CD-ROMs as well as magazines, periodicals and audio cassettes.

Address Bath
Telephone 01225 386180 Fax 01225 385207 School E-mail address interp-trans@bath.ac.uk Website http://www.bath.ac.uk/esml/