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The Japanese minor programme ('With Japanese') is a four-year programme including study abroad in the third year. Students in this programme will take the following modules:
Year 1: Intensive Ab Initio Japanese I & II (20 credits) Intensive Ab Initio Japanese I & II Reading and Writing (20 credits)
Year 2: Intensive Ab Initio Japanese III & IV (20 credits) Intensive Ab Initio Japanese III & IV Reading and Writing (20 credits)
Year 3: Study Abroad (60 credits, 4-10 months)
Year 4: Intensive Ab Initio Japanese V & VI (20 credits) Intensive Ab Initio Japanese V & VI Reading and Writing (20 credits) Tandem Module Japanese (20 credits)
The contact hour for the first two years is six hours per week and students will acquire a solid knowledge of Japanese, using the textbooks 'Minna no Nihongo vol. 1 and 2' and 'Basic Kanji Book vol. 1 and 2'. The emphasis is placed on all skills (listening, speaking, readinga and writing) but a variety of communicative activities are used in class. In the third year, students stay in one of the five exchange partnership universities in Japan for a period of between four months to ten months. On their return to the UK, after completing the year abroad study, 'With Japanese' students can take a maximum of 40 credits, including a 'Tandem Learning Module' in which students are twinned with a Japanese native partner. Most of the modules are assessed by continuous assessments and oral/written examinations except for the year abroad which is assessed by one Japanese language project and one English dissertation assigned by the University of Birmingham. Modules Outside the Main Discipline (MOMD) offers a 3-year programme: Year 1: Ab Initio Japanese I&II (20 credits) Year 2: Ab Initio Japanese III & IV (20 credits) Year 3: Ab Initio Japanese V & VI (20 credits) Students can learn Japanese from scratch but direct entry into higher levels is also possible with previous Japanese knowledge (subject to the timetable). Each module has three contact hours per week for 21 weeks. The main textbooks are 'Minna no Nihongo vol. 1 and 2' and 'Basic Kanji Book vol. 1'. The teaching focuses on communication but reading and writing is also taught. 'Ab Initio Japanese I & II' and 'Ab Initio Japanese V & VI' are assessed by continuous assessments, whereas 'Ab Initio Japanese III & IV' is assessed by both the continous assessments and oral/written exams.

Study Period Abroad

Japanese Minor programmes include study abroad in Japan in the third year. 'Economics with Japanese' and 'International Business with Japanese' students will stay in Japan for 10 months whereas 'Modern Language' degree course students can split the year into two or three, period abroad, depending on how many languages they are studying. The University's International Relations office is responsible for all the administrative arrangements associated with the year abroad, with support provided by the Head of Japanese. Student Exchange programmes are in place with Hitotsubashi University , Keio University , Jochi (Sophia) University in Tokyo and Kobe University and Kansai University in Kansai.

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