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Staff within the Centre who lecture/carry out research in Japanese Studies

Ray Forrest, Acting Director Associate Director
Centre for East Asian Studies;Director of the MSc unit in social policy and social change; and co-lecturer U/G social policy in East Asia and Japan open unit
Expert on housing and urban studies - his recent research focuses on East Asia including Japan . His current research includes °∆housing assets and intergenerational dynamics in East Asian societies' with Misa Izuhara (ESRC) and Governance and the Housing Market with Professor Yosuke Hirayama, Kobe University) (Daiwa).

Yuko Hasegawa , Japanese Language Coordinator
Subject specialisation:
Second Language Acquisition, Evaluation and Development of Teaching / Learning Materials, Academic Japanese, Exam Writing and Assessing Language Skills and Textbook Writing. Yuko is also a Multimedia Resources Officer at the Language Centre where she develops teaching and learning language materials at the Self Access Centre.

Misa Izuhara , Research Fellow , Director of the open unit
Subject specialisation:
Understanding Japanese Society; also teaches a number of units with Japanese elements (e.g. Social policy and social change; social policy in East Asia) Research: She works extensively in the areas of ageing and intergenerational relations, housing and social change, comparative social policy. Her research has been funded by ESRC, The Nuffield Foundation, Help the Aged and various Japanese organizations

Dr Junko Yamashita
Junko°«s research interests can be mapped around the intersection of social policy, sociology and gender studies. Her research focuses on how the welfare state can shape the experience of women in relation to care work in contemporary Japan and other East Asian countries. She has also a long-term interest in Japanese civil society, particularly the roles and functions of non-profit organisations (NPOs) and people participating in their activities. Her current research also includes 1) East Asian Database Project (EADP) which aims to organise qualitative and quantitative database for comparative social policy study and 2) a transformation of employments and the labour market in Japan. Her teaching at CEAS is on Contemporary Japanese Society, which offers a multi-disciplinary approach to study wide ranging social issues in Japan from its social security system, social structure to sub-culture in a comparative perspective. She also teaches qualitative research methods. Junko is general secretary of East Asian Social Policy research network (EASP) that promotes the analysis and the exchange of research on East Asian Social Policy.

Staff who lecture/carry out research in Japanese Studies but are not in the Centre

Patricia Kennett, Senior Lecturer at School for Policy Studies
Has taught comparative social policy in Pacific Rim
Her recent research includes homelessness in Japan ; and women and assets in Britain and Japan (with Misa Izuhara).

Library and Information Resources

Related books and journals are available in the library but almost exclusively in English. More resources are required to bring the collection up-to-date and also reflect various topics offered in the courses.

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