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Related Activities

Most activities for Japanese language teachers are carried out in accordance with arrangements for other languages in the MLC. The main examples are staff development workshops organised by our own staff development coordinators, which have always been useful and stimulating for all staff.

The workshops take place regularly with internal and external presenters discussing methodology, current linguistic topics and how to carry out administrative duties.

Both staff and students participate in external language/cultural events whenever possible.

Japan Societies/Club Activities

There is a Japanese society run by members of the student union.

Future Developments

In line with the centre's policy, teachers and students are encouraged to use the open learning resources, including TV programmes, videos and limited kinds of CD-ROMs in the Open Learning Centre. Moving into the newly equipped Open Learning Centre is ongoing in 2007. The OLC will be more accessible to some external users.


How to teach communicative Japanese in a very limited length of time, given that it is necessary to teach the four language skills in Japanese to students in order to meet the requirements and standards of the university.

A considerable number of students are not allowed to take Japanese due to timetable clashes or regulations set by their own departments (e.g., prohibiting students from taking a language as an accredited course at any time, in the 1st year, or Beginners courses in the final year). Those who wish to attend the courses despite the regulations need to pay a significant fee and take the course as non-credited.

Additional Information

The Modern Language Centre provides Japanese classes (Levels 1 and 2) for the MBA students of the London Business School . The classes consist of 40-60 hours per term (six hours per week).

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