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All programmes are 4 years in duration, with Year 3 spent in Japan. Within the Japanese element of the programmes offered, the ratio of language modules to non-language modules is approximately 50:50. However, the non-language modules are taught through the medium of Japanese in the Final Year. The following modules are offered:

Level 1 Introduction to the Development of Japan (1hr)

Japanese language (8hrs); Minna no Nihongo; Basic Kanji; word-processing; karaoke (examined)

Level 2 Japanese Development A and B (2hrs)

Japanese language (4hrs) Minna pt 2. Japanese Reading Program (Chieko KANO)

Japanese Business Environment and Communication (2hrs) Level 3 Language (3hrs)

Japanese Television (option) (2hrs)

The Japanese Worker (option) (2hrs)

Critique of Translation (2hrs)

Study Period Abroad It is compulsory to spend Year 3 in Japan at one of the following Japanese universities:

Hokusei (Sapporo)
Sapporo (Sapporo)
Kanazawa (Kanazawa)
Kinjo (Nagoya)
Ryukoku (Kyoto)
Kyuusan (Fukuoka)
Seinan (Fukuoka)
Kurume (Kurume)
Kumamoto (Kumamoto)

Address John Foster Building
98 Mount Pleasant
L3 5UZ
Telephone 0151 231 3055 Fax 0151 231 3433 School E-mail address P.C.Joyce@ljmu.ac.uk Website http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/LBS/90094.htm