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Links with Japanese Universities

The Economic History Department has a formal research student exchange agreement with the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo. Collaboration has been discussed between LSE and Hitotsubashi University, but there is no formal agreement. Many members of LSE faculty have individual contacts with academics and universities in Japan.

Japan Societies/Club Activities

There is a student Japan Society at LSE and an Anime and Manga society (information through Students' Union)

Future Developments

The agreement with the University of Tokyo is noted above, and LSE is considering further developing its links with Japan, in part through the organisation of its Asia Research Centre. LSE does not expect to change its present trajectory of developing work on Japan within the context of disciplinary teaching departments and the research environment offered by the Departments and by STICERD, which continues to host occasional seminars on Japan in addition to those run by Departments and the School.


Our courses are popular, and we expect demand to hold up, and possibly increase.
Japanese Institutions on Campus STICERD was originally founded with an endowment from Japan , but operates as an internal research centre for LSE independent of any Japanese institution, although the original donors are regularly informed of STICERD activities.
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