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Staff within the Department of Applied East Asian Languages - Dr. Laura Moretti, Lecturer in Japanese studies, from September 2010
- Mr. Angus Turvill, Teaching Fellow in Japanese
- Ms. Etsuko Okahisa (Japanese language teacher, 0.5 fractional)
- Ms.Kumi Casey (part time Japanese language teacher)
- Mr. Jo Lumley (part time Japanese language teacher)

Staff who lecture/carry out research in Japanese Studies but are not within the AEAL - Dr. Laura Moretti, Lecturer in Japanese studies. Researches 17th century Japanese literature. Teaches Japanese history, traditional culture and popular culture (manga, etc.). Supervises Undergraduate dissertations on Japan.
- Dr. Martin Dusinberre, Lecturer in Japanese History. Researches social and cultural history of Japan from the mid-19th to the late-20th centuries; the Tokugawa-Meiji transition; the Japanese overseas diaspora; Japan°«s post-war recovery; Japan's post-war nuclear power industry; discourses of 'furusato' (hometown) in modern Japan; national and local memory-construction in contemporary Japan. Teaches modern Japanese history and supervises Undergraduate dissertations on Japanese history.
- Dr James Babb, Senior Lecturer in Japanese Politics. Researches Japanese politics, including political history and political thought, Japan's political parties and elections, and Japanese politicians and corruption. Also comparative politics, especially in the areas of party politics, political extremism, political business and methods. Teaches traditional East Asian political thought, Japanese film, and supervises Undergraduate dissertations on Japan.
- Dr Joanne Smith Finley, Lecturer in Chinese Studies. Module leader of, and contributor to, Japanese film module.
- Dr Naomi Standen, Senior Lecturer in Chinese History. Supervises Undergraduate dissertations on Japanese history.
- Dr Elayne Chaplin, Occasional Lecturer in Film Studies, Universities of Newcastle/Northumbria. Researches horror films, anime. Contributes to Japanese film module.
Library and Information Resources The University has substantial Japanese-language holdings, both in the main collection and in the Library of Japanese Science and Technology, and this can be supplemented by Durham University°«s collection (which they intend to retain) when necessary via a reciprocal agreement giving borrowing rights to staff and postgraduates. Our knowledge of the future plans of East Asian librarians indicates that it is unlikely that new Japanese paper-based library holdings will be created. Instead they will °∆skip°« such a strategy and put effort into building electronic resources. For example, in Japan, most of the printed material of the Meiji period (1868-1910) is available free online from the Japanese Diet Library. Newcastle°«s University Library has a well-considered strategy to take advantage of the possibilities of electronic resources.
The University has a substantial secondary literature collection essential to undergraduate teaching and postgraduate research, with a large amount of previous funding initiatives ploughed into building a strong research collection.

There is a collection of Japanese language-learning materials in the Open Access Centre attached to the School of Modern Languages, which students of Japanese language have access to. Assistance has been received from the Japan Foundation.

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