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In the Language Centre, we have a tandem scheme and pair up the students who are studying Japanese and native Japanese students who studying in this university. This has had a very good effect on the learners.

Japan Societies/Club Activities

A Japan related club or society exists

Future Developments

Recently Nottingham university opened its campus at Ningbo in China , and from last year they began to teach Japanese language at Ningbo Campus and send the students for one year or one semester to the Nottingham campus. We have successfully accommodated and integrated these students in our modules. Nottingham University has a Malaysia Campus as well and they are considering teaching Japanese there in the future.


Our situation is unique in that more than 90% of the students are Asian, most are Chinese, and it is difficult, in the same class lessons, to differentiate the teaching method for European students and Asian students who know Kanji and have a different level of ability to memorise the written characters.

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