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BA (Hons) Japanese Studies - single
BA (Hons) / BSc (Hons) Japanese Studies - combined

This four-year course gives the opportunity to explore in depth the distinctive features of contemporary Japanese society. Students will study the Japanese language and key aspects of its society and culture, and the third year will be spent studying at a university in Japan. Students will study as a single honours degree or a combined honours degree. As part of a combined honours degree this course can be successfully paired with one of a wide range of subjects, such as: Anthropology; Business; Computing; Economics; Geography; History of Art; Film Studies; Politics; Tourism Management; and Hospitality Management Studies.

The course:
The course combines Japanese language modules with the study of specific aspects of Japanese society taught by specialists in the field. In Year 1, students will study Japanese language from scratch, GCSE or post-GCSE level. They will also take the compulsory module, Introduction to Japanese Society, which provides the essential background knowledge of Japanese society, geography and history. They may choose optional introductory modules in Business, Economics and Social Anthropology as preparation for advanced work relating to Japan. In Year 2, further language practice is combined with modules that place Japan in a broader international context. The language modules taken in Year 4 will build on the greater fluency and range of expression acquired during the year abroad, and will allow the development of a high level of written and spoken proficiency. At the same time, students can select from a range of modules focusing on specific aspects of Japanese life, institutions and culture.

Year abroad:
Year 3 will be spent entirely in Japan , studying at one of the universities with which we have exchange arrangements. Students attend intensive language courses and lectures which complement their programme of studies at Oxford Brookes. By carrying out an independent research project on contemporary Japan and immersing themselves in Japanese life and social activities with fellow students, they will acquire a high level of linguistic and cultural competence. The Japanese Department provides extensive pastoral care throughout the year abroad.

For further information please visit: http://www.brookes.ac.uk/studying/courses/undergraduate/2010/japanese/

4 year course
Ratio of language modules to non-language modules? 50 / 50

Non-language modules:
Introduction to Japanese Society and Culture? Introduction to Social Anthropology Japan at Play Work and the Japanese Minorities and Marginality, Class and Conflict in Japan Understanding Manga Contemporary Japanese Cinema Japanese Religions Making of Modern Japan Japan : Myth and Reality Autonomous Learning in Japan Japanese Language Studies in Japan Advanced Reading and Translation Japanese in a Business Context Japan through Contemporary Texts

Study Abroad Period

Compulsory on 4-year BA Japanese Studies, both single and combined Hons

Person Responsible:Year Abroad Tutors

Links with Universities in Japan
Kanto area : Aoyama Gakuin University, Gakushuin University, Obirin University, Meiji Gakuin University, Yamanashi University,
Nagoya Area: Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Aichi Shukutoku University,
Osaka Area: Kansai Gaidai University Kyushu and Shikoku: Kitakyushu University, Ehime University


Japan related postgraduate courses are offered from School of Social Science and Law.

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