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University of Portsmouth

All tutors are part time staff. There are no active researchers.

Mr Peter Missen
Subject Specialisation: Tutor (part-time)

Mika Hashimoto
Subject Specialisation: Tutor (part-time)

Chikako Yao Foster
Subject Specialisation: Tutor (part-time)

Library and Information Resources

Maggi McEwan is responsible for Japan-related resources .
E-mail: iwlp@port.ac.uk
There are about 20 Japan-related books though no journals in the resource centre associated to IWLP. The Library holds additional, now dated books together with a couple of more current language books. All items are catalogued on computer. The annual budget for resources is determined by need.

Address Park Building
King Henry 1st Street
Hampshire PO1 2DZ
Telephone 02392 846140 Fax 023 9284 6040 School E-mail address iwlp@port.ac.uk Website http://www.port.ac.uk/