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The University of Sheffield

Teaching Staff in the School of East Asian Studies

Professor Glenn Hook
BA; MA (British Columbia); LLD (Chuo)

Subject Specialisation: Japanese politics; international relations of the Asia-Pacific area; defence and security

Dr Hugo Dobson
BA & MA (Leeds); PhD (Sheffield)

Subject Specialisation: Japanese international relations

Dr Angela Coutts
BA (London), MA, PhD (Sheffield)

Subject Specialisation: Japanese language and literature. (Lecturer/Japanese Studies)

Dr Hiroko Takeda
B.A., M.A. (Rikkyo), Ph.D (Sheffield)

Subject Specialisation: Contemporary gender issues in Japan and East Asia . (Lecturer/Japanese Studies)

Dr Miriam Jelinek
PromPhil (Prague)

Subject Specialisation: Japanese narrative fiction; the work of Higuchi Ichiyo; literary translation, teaching Japanese as a Second Language (Head of SEAS Language, Literature & Linguistics Centre)

Dr Peter Matanle
BA (Cambridge); MA (Essex); PhD (Sheffield)

Subject Specialisation: Japanese industrial sociology

Dr Thomas McAuley
BA (Sheffield); PhD (SOAS)

Subject Specialisation: Classical Japanese literature and linguistics (part-time)

Dr Nicolas Tranter
BA; PhD (Sheffield)

Subject Specialisation: Linguistics and Japanese linguistics (Senior Tutor)

Dr Richard Siddle
BSc (Reading); PhD (Sheffield)

Subject Specialisation: Japanese identity and minorities

Ms Yuki Kittaka
BA (Hiroshima); MA (Osaka College of Music)

Subject Specialisation: Japanese Language Instructor

Ms Miyuki Nagai
BA (Tamagawa); MA (Newcastle)

Subject Specialisation: Japanese Language Instructor

Ms Mineko Arai
BA (Obirin) MA (SOAS)

Subject Specialisation: Japanese Language Instructor

Ms Yumiko Ishiwata
BA, MA (Reitaku)

Subject Specialisation: Japanese Language Instructor

Dr Mika Ko
BA (Sugiyama) MA, PhD (Ulster)

Subject Specialisation: East-Asian cinema, Japanese popular culture, media and films

Dr Bhubhindar Singh
BA (National University of Singapore) MSc (Nanyang Technological University) PhD (Sheffield)

Subject Specialisation: Japan”Ēs security policy, international politics of South East Asia

Dr Hiro Watanabe
specialist in political economy

Subject Specialisation: is a new member of staff

Library and Information Resources

Ms Gill Goddard is the Librarian in charge of East Asian studies resources in the University of Sheffield Library . She is assisted by Mrs Fleur Bayley ( China specialist) and by Mr Young-seok Kim (Korean cataloguer).

Tel: 0114 222 7334
E-mail: easl@sheffield.ac.uk
Website: http://www.shef.ac.uk/library/libdocs/ml-cr38.html

The Library has over 8,000 Japan-related items in English and over 20,000 in Japanese. It receives some 200 Japan-related journals in English and 150 in Japanese. The average expenditure on Japan-related resources since 1993 remains about £10,000 per year. Western language material is catalogued in the University Library's STAR catalogue and is searchable at http://library.shef.ac.uk/. Japanese language resources are catalogued within the NACSIS database and are searchable in Japanese at http://webcat.nii.ac.jp/webcat_eng.html, and are also searchable in romanised format via the NACSIS UK Union Catalogue at http://www.lib.cam.ac.uk/cgi-bin/japanese-keyword-search.

Romanised records will shortly be added to the STAR catalogue. The Library works closely with Corporate Information and Computing Services in the provision of appropriate, high-quality networked I.T. facilities throughout the University. Access to international library catalogues and databases and email facilities are especially useful. The Library is an active participating member in the NACSIS UK Union Catalogue project (see Japan Library Group section) and maintains close links with other major East Asian studies collections in the UK and world-wide.

Address 8-10
Shearwood Road
Telephone 0114 222 8400 Fax 0114 222 8432 School E-mail address seas@sheffield.ac.uk Website http://www.shef.ac.uk/seas/